Baby Nest Cocoon - Handcrafted

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Beautiful item

The composition of the set:

double-sided baby cocoon with external dimensions: 85 x 50 x 13 cm; sleeping surface dimensions: 60 x 30 cm,


Cotton Premium fabric weight: 150 g / m2

Minky fabric weight: 400 g / m2

pillow filling weight: 300 g / m2

quilt filling weight: 300 g / m2

A baby cocoon - a lounger, cot, nest - wonderfully wraps the baby, ensuring comfort and a comfortable and safe sleep. The product wraps the baby and limits its space, thanks to which the baby feels safe and secure as in mum's tummy.


A baby cocoon with a double-sided insert, filled with a perfectly selected thickness of the insulation, provides softness and comfort during the baby's sleep and reduces the feeling of discomfort under the baby's back. The double-sided insole allows you to choose the most pleasant version for sleep: minky or cotton. The sides of the cocoon are filled with an anti-allergic silicone ball. Raised edges ensure safety while the child sleeps. Parents can rest assured that the infant will not roll over or be accidentally pinched while sleeping.


The versatile use of the cocoon allows it to be used up to 7 months of age, and the components of the set even longer. The solution of the cocoon strings allows it to be used as a changing table.

Instructions for use:

machine wash at 30 degrees,

do not spin

iron cotton fabric at temperatures up to 110 degrees Celsius,

use mild detergents,

do not use bleach,

do not tumble dry.