Cotton 100% Kids - rabbits in love with pink background - bunnies

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maria jones

I love this material, such a cute design and such lovely quality and weight. I will definitely be buying more from this supplier.. Thankyou so much Handicraft Agnes ..

Width Approx: 160cm (63 inches) 

Grams per running meter: 130 g/m2

The material is 100% cotton, so it's durable, soft and breathable allowing it to be used for a number of different uses. 

All our cotton fabrics in our offer are a guarantee of the highest quality.  Patterned, Plain cotton works great in decorative elements, bedding fabrics, tablecloths, children's accessories and is perfect for creating overall creations as well as dresses, but also a perfect solution for scarves, hats, scarves.  They can be colorful pillowcases, subtle bedding, bedspread and many more. 


It's the perfect fabric for children and adults.  


Cotton has OEKO-TEX safety certificate


Please note that if more than one piece of fabric is ordered it will come as one continous piece 


 Max temp 200 degrees