Cotton 100% Kids - rabbits in love on a white backg - bunnies

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Cotton 100% Kids - Cute bunnies on white cotton rabbits rabbit

Width Approx: 160cm (63 inches) 

Grams per running meter: 130 g/m2


The material is 100% cotton, so it's durable, soft and breathable allowing it to be used for a number of different uses. 

All our cotton fabrics in our offer are a guarantee of the highest quality.  Patterned cotton works great in decorative elements, bedding fabrics, tablecloths, children's accessories and is perfect for creating overall creations as well as dresses, but also a perfect solution for scarves, hats, scarves.  They can be colorful pillowcases, subtle bedding, bedspread and many more. 

It's the perfect fabric for children and adults.  


Cotton has OEKO-TEX safety certificate

Please note that if more than one piece of fabric is ordered it will come as one continous piece