decorative string 2mm - Haberdashery

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Decorative string can be used to wrap a gift. A gift enclosed in a cardboard box, wrapped in paper and tied with a colored string will delight the recipient and give the gift a unique character. The string can also be used to decorate a gift card. Delicate motifs and patterns will make it take on an individual and unique character. The use of a string to decorate the envelope is also great.

Decorative string can also be a material for making your own jewelry. A hand-made bracelet will not only be very pretty, but also one of a kind. The cords are also great for other kinds of crafts, such as making photo frames, vases, or other decorations. You can use them to create unique elements of clothing, such as fringes. Thanks to this, they will take on a new style and will delight with their originality