linen 100% for clothing and bedding - earthy khaki

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Ruth Normington

Hi there unfortunately my linen was clicked! I was 100% happy with the ease of ordering and speed of delivery, hence I did not complain but unfortunately was unable to use one of the pieces due to this as it was not on an edge and was unable to fit my pattern pieces on around this. If it hadn’t of been for this I thought excellent quality linen .

WIDTH: 150 cm

WEIGHT: 185 gms/m2

Linen fabrics for clothes

Linen fabric, just like cotton, is of natural origin, linen fibers are obtained from a plant - flax. This material also has a long history, but today it has not lost its relevance due to its unique properties, which we will talk about below. Linen fabrics are characterized by a simple production process that has hardly changed over the centuries.

Features of linen fabric

Basic properties of linen fabric and its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Absolute environmental friendliness.
  • High thermal conductivity.
  • Wear resistance and durability.
  • Air permeability.
  • Minimum electrification.

Linen items are fashionable, practical, and additionally have a healing effect on the body thanks to their bactericidal and antifungal properties. Linen is more durable than cotton, the product retains its attractive appearance for longer. In addition, it becomes more beautiful and soft with each wash. Linen does not cause allergic reactions, this fabric is perfect for children and allergic people.

Max temp 200 degrees